Do People Still Read Newspapers in 2023? Trends Insights & Habits


Are people still reading newspapers in 2023? Are print newspapers still relevant?

With so much free news on the internet, it may come as a surprise especially to many millennials who’ve never read a newspaper, that although declining, millions of people still read newspapers every day.

Why do people still read newspapers?

A few key reasons why people still read newspapers is because they find reading printed ink on paper more relaxing and easy on the eyes. For many people reading newspapers is an enjoyable habit. Studies show that retention is better when reading printed material.

Another reason people read newspapers is that professional editors choose the best of the best content for the print newspaper. Let’s face it there’s a lot of garbage on the internet. The cost of publishing a print newspaper however comes at a high price. The cost of paper, ink and delivery makes it a lot more expensive to produce.

Reading a print newspaper is a better, less intrusive, and more focused experience. There are no flashing ads or annoying pop-ups that distract the eyes. The internet can be really frustrating and slow to navigate between articles. When reading a newspaper you can scan its large pages and absorb more information faster.

How to read a newspaper?

It might seem like a massive task to read a newspaper. But don’t feel obligated to read a newspaper cover to cover. Some people do, but there’s usually no correlation from page to page so you can start by scanning the front page by reading the headlines first.

Do People Still Read Newspapers

Newspaper Reading Habits

There’s no right or wrong way to read a newspaper. News consumption is subjective. Some people scan the headlines that catch their attention and then read the article that follows. Others might scan all the headlines and take note of the articles that pique their interest and come back to the article that they are most interested in after auditing the entire paper or section most relevant to them.

Some people read newspapers in reverse, starting from the back of the paper and finishing at the front so they’re left with the most prominent information last in their reading session.

Others pick out their favorite sections, be it the sports, opinion, or news section, and throw away the rest.

No matter how you approach it, look for articles that are of interest and relevant to you. Don’t force yourself to read articles that you don’t understand. Skimming the headlines can give you a pretty good ideas of what’s happening.

Who’s still reading newspapers?

The demographics of those still reading print newspapers are fairly balanced between men and women and are generally older.

2023 Trends: News Consumption in Decline

The 2022 Digital News Report from the Reuters Institute shows declining interest in news and lower trust. Younger groups rely more on social media. The report also notes growing news fatigue, declining consumption of traditional media, and a shift towards a digital platforms. The study also highlights that false and misleading information remains a cause for concern.

It’s not much of a debate about whether print or digital newspapers are better. They both have their benefits and advantages so it comes down to personal preference. Most newspapers offer print and digital bundled subscriptions so you can enjoy both, if you find a source you can trust.