Financial Times Glorifies Marx Book Project


The front page of the June 16th Financial Times carried a story about a book project to compile the complete works of Marx and Engels. The article describes the project as one of the most monumental book projects of modern times, and one of the most extraordinary book projects of modern times. The project was started almost a hundred years ago. Why has it taken so long?

Political reasons, and various difficulties in the transcription process including poor handwriting and doodling are sited for the delay in the project. However the article does not examine other possible factors that have been  previously discussed round the secrecy of these unpublished volumes. According to Richard Wurmbrand, author of Marx & Satan, many of the unpublished manuscripts are deliberately being kept secret because they would expose Marx for being a satanist.

Another 15 years will be needed to complete the project, pushing this effort over a hundred years long since it was first undertaken in the 1920s. It’s undoubtedly  important project, since communism is responsible for over 100 million unnatural deaths. These unrevealed pages may contain more evidence on the evil nature of communism. Fortunately, waiting another 15 years for this book project to be completed is not necessary to make a conclusion on this failed ideology. There is plenty of evidence  suggesting communism is an evil cult that seeks to destroy humanity.

Controlling and influencing society through media has been a major effort of the communist strategy in the West. Many major news organizations have been contributing to expanding leftist policies. This is a topic we’ll continue to cover in this blog.