How The Drudge Report Could Destroy Fake News Media

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Could the Drudge Report Destroy mainstream media?

The Drudge Report could effectively be used to destroy fake news media. With the La Times and Boston Globe getting close to half their monthly traffic from The Drudge Report it would be a big shock if that traffic suddenly disappeared.

Remember when the Boston Globe and hundreds of newspapers denounced Donald Trump’s attacks on the fake news media?

Those newspapers went far astray from the ethics of journalism by coordinating a national campaign of condemnation against Trump.

It turns out that many of those newspapers get a significant amount of traffic from the Drudge Report. If Mr. Drudge wanted to teach the mainstream a lesson they would never forget, he could simply stop linking articles out to them.

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Regardless of whether the Drudge Report would take such drastic action, Trump himself is fighting back and dismantling the old media guard with his relentless exposure of fake news.

But, there’s still a huge imbalance when it comes to revenue that goes to mainstream liberal media vs. conservative news outlets that support Trump.

Trump supporters, who are business owners and decision makers, should consider aligning their companies marketing budgets with news and media platforms that are not acting as the opposition party.