Make Newspapers Great Again


The expense of feeding newsprint and ink into a web press in a warehouse with a fleet of delivery trucks doesn’t compete well with the instantaneousness of the digital space. Digital news is the major competitor of the traditional newspaper. So what will it take to make newspapers great again?

When the internet becomes worse, and more voices are censored the market will need quality journalism delivered the old fashion way. True freedom of the press will become a major advantage over the censorship happening online.

More evidence confirms that the internet is not free from censorship. Algorithms are setting the agenda and guiding the conversation. How can we make newspapers great again? Go back to the basics, remove as much of the bias as possible. Deliver a great product to your readers’ door. A product without tracking cookies, pop-up ads, and data collection. Free from using artificial intelligence serving you a robotic menu of content you’re most likely to click on.