The Problem with Fake News


The rising trend of fake news exploded days after the 2016 United States presidential election.

It’s a unique moment in American history. An unlikely candidate from outside the political establishment wins the Presidency.

Those people deeply connected to the establishment became irrelevant overnight, including the mainstream media that endorsed them.

Major media outlets are exposed for pushing their political interests in a coordinated effort to take down president Trump.  Now is the perfect time for fake news media to be fully exposed.

Factors that contribute to fake news
  • Major Mainstream Media companies have become political actors. Powerful interests are manipulating and setting the agenda.
  • Deliberate and coordinated efforts to control the narrative, destroy culture and morality.
  • The rise of “anonymous sources” – are they a byproduct of fierce competition or part of organized campaigns to manipulate your opinion?
  • Quoting out of context and news manipulation to photos and videos to create false narratives.
  • News fabrications are amplified rapidly through social media.
  • Story ratings are now based on how viral they are. The internet rewards extremes that play on short attention spans and shock value.
  • Important investigative stories are expensive to produce and don’t play to the extreme nature of online media.
  • Blinded by hate many reporters can’t see any of the positive things Trump is doing. Instead, they focus on trivial matters that play to the extreme nature of the flawed online rating model.
  • Ivy league education is heavily left-leaning in humanities which creates students/journalist who views the world from Marxist ideology.

How can fake news be stopped? The best way to counter fake news is to support quality independent investigative journalism.