Village Voice Going Back to Broadsheet Roots

Screenshot of the new Village Voice website
Screenshot of the new Village Voice website

Peter Barbey Speaks of Redesign at Advertising Club Event

New York – On May 2nd, 2017 Peter Barbey the new owner and Publisher of The Village Voice spoke about the upcoming redesign at an event held by the Advertising Club of New York at the Microsoft building at 11 Times Square. He told the audience he’s “taking the Voice back to its roots, back to the way things were at the old voice.”

When asked what that meant exactly by one of the attendees he said.  “We’re relaunching the website in beta form on the 17th of May.” Barbey also spoke of the print newspaper. “We’re going to relaunch the print edition in September… it’s going to look graphically kinda like the old Voice but more modern. It’s going to be more evocative. It’s going to be broadsheet…”

Besides all the design changes is a desire to bring back the reporting that was once the hallmark of the local arts scene in New York.

While the newspaper industry in general, has been losing significant advertising revenue to digital it’s going to take a lot to turn things around.  In recent years prior to the new ownership, The Village Voice had been making steady cutbacks. Will these new changes at the Voice be enough to reverse the declining trend?

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