Jordan Peterson’s Self-Authoring Program Review: Write a Better Version of Yourself Now

young man sitting on a couch with legs crossed with a notebook on his lap and pen in his hand
Write a better version of yourself with self-authoring

Can you manifest a better version of yourself with self-authoring? Is self-authoring a magic key to unlock a better version of yourself by using the power of thought to bring your future into focus?

Inspired by a video of Dr. Jordan Peterson explaining the power of writing I took his online self-authoring program. The program has helped underperforming students stay in school and improve academic performance.

After many hours I completed the suite of writing modules. I felt like abandoning the effort because what I was writing didn’t seem important. I ignored these impulses and persevered. Much of what I wrote was poor, but I followed Dr. Peterson’s advice to “allow yourself to write badly”. I had the habit of over editing. The self-authoring helped me write first and edit later.

The self-authoring suite provides a comprehensive examination of your life from many perspectives. This process draws out specific details, making your goals more tangible and concrete. It also helps you get to know yourself better and articulate who you are and where you’re going. In a crazy busy world full of noise, I felt a sense of satisfaction while going through the process of thinking deeply about my life.

self-authoring is like Traditional martial artist with a sword and a calligraphy pen  writing cursive on paper.
Writing with a pen can be like practicing Traditional Martial Arts with a sword.

Technology vs The Classics

Back in the early 90s, the trend in education started focusing more on technology skills and less on the classics. So, I found myself with a shallow understanding of the power of writing and seemed to have missed learning about the wonderful benefits of writing. 

For those educated at the advent of personal computing, less attention was given to the classics. The workplace would need people with advanced technological skills. A Fine Arts degree seemed to hold little value for those looking to secure work in the emerging field of computers.

Many students attracted to the mystique of computers had complete freedom in choosing what to study. I didn’t know then to embrace writing and the tremendous value contained. I found it difficult, inconvenient and time-consuming.

Later in life, I felt stuck in my personal development. When trying to express new ideas I had a habit of being brief like a message command given by a computer. I did not provide enough context or depth to the situation or idea, and people didn’t get what I was trying to express.

The Power of Writing

A warrior holding a sword high in the air before rushing into battle has been a symbol of courage, honor, and bravery throughout history. So, when I first heard the saying “The pen is mightier than the sword”, it made me stop and think. A vision from once upon a time of a king writing an important message with a feather quill pen to calm hostilities and avert a war came to mind. 

Like a traditional martial artist using a sword in practice can refine both mind and body. Many similarities exist between traditional martial arts and the way of the pen as contained in the saying “The pen is mightier than the sword.” With the goal being to diffuse a tense situation without fighting. 

Regardless of their physical appearance, both the pen and sword are only tools held in one’s hand. When used with good intention and practice both activities can refine a person, improving their character by examining one’s inner world and tempering their will to bring about clarity and wisdom.    

Self-Authoring: The Benefits of Writing About Yourself

Some benefits I’ve experienced from writing with the self-authoring program include:

Deep Thinking: The questions in the self-authoring program make you think about life from many perspectives. To answer these questions, you need to take time and consider their implications. Even a short amount of focused thought can give you clarity. Rereading and editing your work takes you even deeper.

Goal Setting: I’ve been in the habit of writing my goals for many years. Despite the consistent effort I continued to fail to reach my goals. Exploring your goals in great detail and helps to clarify and solidify a plan to overcome obstacles that may arise. Writing out the details helps you see the future you want and orient yourself towards what is meaningful and important.  

Better Memory: A challenge I’ve had with public speaking, and the reason for my notorious brevity in the past came from not having enough content and material to draw from. Writing has helped with recall and retention when it matters most. 

Now when I need clarity, I pick up a pen and write out questions to help think about the issue from different angles. I still have a way to go in reaching my goals but I’m making steady progress. The self-authoring program helped me become a better version of myself.   

It’s not the act of writing but the ability to look inside yourself, discover your faults, and change your thinking to become more positive that leads to transformation.

Like practicing a traditional martial art, writing can help you transform your inner thoughts and help you improve your character. Whichever practice you choose, remember to breathe, relax, and take control of your mind.