Is Apple News Subscription Worth $9.99 of Your Hard Earned Money?

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Apple News subscription offers users digital access to various online publications from their Apple device.

One subscription to hundreds of publications sounds like an appealing offer with lots of value. But there is only so much time we have for news and media consumption. What most people want is clean news without bias that they can trust.

Apple News brings you a lot of left-leaning, liberal or legacy media journalism all in one place.

Suppose you’re on the Apple echo system, and you like legacy liberal media, like The Washington Post, CNN, Buzzfeed, NBC News, USA Today, ESPN, POLITICO, The New York Times, and Vox. In that case, the Apple News Subscription might be a good option for you.

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Apple News Subscription for iPad.


Apple News tends to be very left-leaning. The editors and curators tend to favor a range of lefty publishers.

Data Hog

Apple News uses on-device intelligence to recommend stories and doesn’t access your information without your permission. Some users have reported the Apply News app drains their battery quickly.

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APPLE NEWS Subscription Cost. Is it worth it?

Apple News+ costs $9.99 per month. Which allows up to 6 family members to access it.

Is it worth it? If you are an Apple user addicted to left-leaning biased media and are already paying for multiple individual subscriptions, then it makes sense to simplify and consolidate your subscription.

But if your goal is to find a more balanced trusted source of news you might want to pass on the Apple News Subscription. Of course, try it out for free and see what you think for yourself.