Big Tech Crank Up Election News Censorship


Election news censorship began weeks before the election. Big Tech has since cranked up the election news censorship dial to level 1984! Full-blown information war against MAGA is underway. Big Tech and Big Media are firing all guns against Trump.

It’s being going on for years but really became apparent with the NY Post story on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

election news censorship began weeks before the election.

Prominent Twitter accounts are getting suspended, the President’s tweets are being blocked. Posts across Facebook contain warnings about disputed claims on the outcome of the presidential election.

Echo Chamber Mode

It feels like Facebook has siloed opposing camps into separate echo chambers because things seem pretty calm with mostly liked minded people engaging with posts.

Despite all the blocked posts and warnings showing up, Facebook feels quite relatively peaceful.

The number of block posts are ridiculous. And Facebooks removal of President from Trumps page is unbelievable. Who do they think they are?

Satellite Security

What other election news censorship methods could be deployed? Could a surprise attack on a satellite be deployed to knock out communication?

Last Line of Defense

With all this craziness and election news censorship, it’s time to break away from these manipulated platforms. You’ve got to go direct to independent trusted news sources. Facebook, Twitter, and Fox, and the rest of the legacy lamestream media are going to experience a massive exodus as users become disgusted by this new level of manipulation and censorship.



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