Zoom Calls: 5 Easy Tips to Look Professional

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So you’re wondering how to look professional on Zoom calls? Since we’re spending a lot of time on Zoom calls these days here are 5 easy to use tips you can use to look professional on Zoom calls. 

Sound On Zoom Calls

Having good sound is just as important as having good video. An empty room might sound find in normal conversation, but it creates an annoying echo for anyone listening online, especially if the floor isn’t carpeted. The most stuff in the room to deflect the sound the better. Make sure there are no loud noises in the background. 

Background and Location for Professional Zoom Calls

Create a good background. Keep in neat and simple. A white wall is usually too plain so set yourself up behind a bookshelf or with some art or decor in the background like a houseplant or lampshade. 

zoom call eye level

Camera and Body Position for Zoom Calls

If you’re using a laptop with a built in camera you want to avoid pointing the camera towards the ceiling so you should prop up the camera to be at eye level. Sit back about an arms length from the camera so you appear not too close or too far away on the video call.

You want your eyes about 2/3rds from the top of the frame. Make sure the top of your head is not cropped off. You want to leave a small space between the top of your head and the top of the frame – this will make you look taller. 

If you’re joining a zoom call from your phone you might want to consider getting a tripod to create stable video. There’s nothing worse then people on a zoom call waving their phone around. You might just want to mute your video in cases like that if you’re at the grocery store or walking out and about.

Room Lighting

Good lighting makes a huge difference. Professional lighting uses 4 light sources but you really only need one. If it’s day time you can use a window. If it’s too bright adjust the shades on the window. You want the window to be in front of you, not to the side or behind you. If you can sit at a slight angle from the window that could give you the best natural lighting effect. 

If it’s night time use a lamp. Don’t use overhead light where the light shines down directly over your head. And don’t shoot light upwards at your face from below. Aim the lamp light pointed slightly above your the height of your eyes to create the best effect. Think of it like recreating the natural light from a window.

Your Appearance

Dress appropriately at least on the top half. Put on some make-up if you’d like and don’t look down at the keyboard or desk. Make sure you look directly at the camera when you’re speaking. This might feel weird but it delivers the most professional appearance to the viewer.

Also don’t move around too much. Swaying back and forth can be really distracting. Don’t fix you’re hair or clothes too frequently either, these movements can make you look nervous.


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So take your zoom calls to the next level by finding a quiet place with no distracting noises. Set up a good background with the camera at eye level and arm’s length away. Make sure you have good lighting and make sure you look good. 

But no matter how perfect you make your set up nothing beats putting in the hard work and practicing your presentation.