Citizen Journalism Starts with You

Citizen Journalism Starts with You

When you see something use your phone to say something. That’s where citizen journalism starts. Are you ready to capture important news?

Now that everyone carries a mobile news studio in their pocket citizen journalism has the potential to transform the media landscape.

This development combined with the rapid decline in old media has left gaps in local reporting. This trend creates an opportunity for citizen journalists to step up and fill the void.

What is Citizen Journalism?

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Citizen journalism is a simple concept involving the collection or capturing of information that is shared online with the public. Anyone can be a citizen journalist. However, it’s not as simple as sending out a tweet or writing a Facebook post. You need to apply some basic skills when planning, compiling and sharing this information.

How to Become a Citizen Journalist?

Citizen journalism has been criticized for not being professional. The purpose of this article is to help people apply professional journalism skills and leverage technology to capture stories authentically.

We’ve compiled a list of free online training resources to help you lay a solid foundation in basic journalistic skills.

The Need for Citizen Journalism

Citizen's guide to mobile journalism

Many people feel disconnected from their local community. By reporting more local stories you help build a more informed and engaged community.

Local news deserts are everywhere because traditional outlets are cutting back resources. The big players are chasing global scale so they’re focused on big stories. We the people must now cover what happens in our community.

If you want to improve your community, start by visiting our Citizen’s Guide to Mobile Journalism. Here you’ll find free online journalism training and best practices for getting the best quality audio and video out of your smartphone.