The Glorious History of Newspapers

The Glorious History of Newspapers
The Glorious History of Newspapers

The history of newspapers is a long and glorious one. Gutenberg’s printing press was one of the most influential innovations in the last 500 years.

If you were in the newspaper business back in the heyday, you were in the business of printing money with “rivers of gold” running off the press. Not only was it a very profitable business, but it also meant you had a huge influence on society.

Before television, newspapers were the primary means by which people got their information. 

What makes newspapering a special occupation?

The history of newspapers is a traditional occupation if you follow the ethics of journalism. Seeking the truth, reporting the facts, and removing your biases and opinions is a noble and vital occupation.

The special knowledge and skills newspaper professionals develop make them confident and effective citizens, provided they live by the code of ethics.

The changes happening in the newspaper business over the last 20 years has journalism is in rapid decline, while the essence of gathering fact-based news is ever more relevant today. 

Culture of Craftsmanship

As the speed of information dissemination continues to increase, let’s not forget about the tradition of craftsmanship that once prevailed in the publishing profession. Consider the evolution from handwritten books to the printing press to digital media. How much of the art and craft has been lost along the way?

As we’ve seen throughout history newspapers, when used properly, have the power to do good. They keep an eye on the government and keep the people informed. But in the wrong hands, the power of disinformation can be greater than that of any weapon of mass destruction. Disinformation can hurt people by making them believe doing bad things is okay.

The responsibility media has to society is enormous. But today, the more sensational the headline, the more the newspaper sells. These alarming trends and behaviors promoted by the media create a continuous decline in culture and morality.

We’ve come a long way since Britain’s Observer, the oldest Sunday newspaper in the world, first published 227 years ago on this day in history.

Let’s not forget about the glorious history newspapers and the printing press have brought us. Don’t lose hope in a world full of fake news and help keep a long tradition alive. Cheers to newspapers!