How to Write a Legal Notice for the Newspaper


Writing a legal notice for the newspaper could be a complex task. Your lawyer or the newspaper’s classified legal notice department should be able to help.

To help simplify writing a legal notice make sure you:

  1. Follow the court mandate to ensure all necessary information is included in the notice.
  2. Get a legal notice template from the newspaper and fill in your specific details.
  3. Proofread for accuracy.

Legal Notice Templates

The sample that follows is for the basic name change, and liquor license notices, the blank spaces are for the specific information to the person who’s publishing the notice.

Name Change Notice Sample Text

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an order granted by the Civil Court of the
City of New York, _ County, on _DATE___,2019, bearing Index Number
, a copy of which may be examined at the office of the clerk,
located at ________________, New York grants me
the right to assume the name of ______
. My present address
Is ____________________________; the date of my birth is
_____; the place of my birth is _____, (United
States); my present name is _ (aka)__________.

Liquor License Notice Sample Text

Notice is hereby given that a license, #___________, for liquor, beer, and wine has been applied for by the undersigned for a restaurant to serve on-premises liquor, wine, and beer under the Alcohol Beverage Control Law at ____________address________. _________Business Name_________ d/b/a ______.

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