First Investigative Documentary Exposes Origin of Wuhan Coronavirus


Confused about the origin of Wuhan coronavirus and why it seemed to have taken the world by surprise? Plenty of theories abound about the origin of the Wuhan virus that emerged from Wuhan China in late 2019.

In this new documentary film Tracking Down The Origin of Wuhan Coronavirus senior investigative reporter Joshua Philipp dives deep into the details behind the story the shut down the world.

Setting the record straight and clearing up any confusion about the origin of the Wuhan coronavirus is no easy feat. Examining all the clues and connecting the dots behind a massive web of confusion and mountains of information gives you a great appreciation for investigative journalism.

The outbreak came as a surprise to many, but as you’re about to find out there’s been cause for concern for decades.

Investigative journalism at it’s finest

Investigative journalism is quite possibly one of the most difficult professions. Add to that the complexity of navigation source documents from China written in Chinese. It takes years of reading and research to be able to pull off a project like this.

Good information matters

In times like these, knowing the origin of the virus and understanding where it comes from is critical knowledge essential to effective decision making.

We’ve seen many governments were caught flat-footed or stuck in a stake of political correctness rather than on having a clear focus on saving lives.

A lot of these delays can be attributed to the cover-up and disinformation campaign coming out of Beijing’s propaganda department

Praise for Tracking Down The Origin of Wuhan Coronavirus

Tracking Down The Origin of Wuhan Coronavirus has seen viral success. In two days since its release, it’s been viewed by over 6 million times.

Several influential figures, including investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson, Larry Elder, Sebastian Gorka, and James Woods, have been talking about the documentary on social media.