Best New York Newspapers for Legal Notice Advertising LLC publication in NYC?


What are the best newspapers for legal notice advertising in New York? When it comes to publishing legal notices there are many options to choose from.

As we explained in our article how to place a legal notice in a newspaper you need to find the right newspaper that fits the legal criteria for your notice. That also means finding a newspaper that meets the legal requirements and at the lowest cost to advertise.

Most Affordable Newspapers in New York for Legal Notices

Metro New York is free daily, so it can’t handle FCC or LLC notices but it can handle other types of legal notice advertising that require a free daily circulation.

The Epoch Times is a paid-daily in New York and can meet the requirement for many notices and has affordable rates, but it’s still in the process of getting the county clerk’s approval to run LLC notices.

Jewish Press is a weekly print newspaper that runs a lot of legal notice advertising and has more affordable pricing.

New York Law Journal is a trade publication for lawyers. It’s a paid daily newspaper that runs a lot of LLC notices but is quite expensive.

Too Big and Expensive

The New York Times, The Daily News, and New York Post are too expensive because of their large circulation, so don’t even bother with them if you’re trying to save money.

No Longer in Print

The NY Observer was a place you could run a weekly notice but they stopped printing in 2016.

Need Help?

If your pressed for time and don’t want to call around town and wait days for people to get back to you. If you want to save hundreds of dollars on the cost of your Kings county LLC publication legal notice or other types of contact us.