Cost to Put a Legal Notice in the Newspaper?


The cost to put a legal notice in the newspaper can vary a great deal from place to place and depending on the size and frequency of the notice.

The two primary factors behind the cost of a legal notice in a newspaper are the size of the notice and the circulation of the newspaper. 

What does it cost to run a legal notice?

If you call the biggest newspaper in town you can expect to pay a lot more than you need to for your legal notice.

To give you some examples of what some common legal notice types cost are some examples of the prices found in New York. Remember this is a general reference, each area may vary and prices could change at any time.

Prices of Common Legal Notices in New York 

LLC Formation Notice

LLC publication requirement NY, once a week for 6 successive weeks: Estimated cost: $360.00

State Liquor Authority Liquor License Notices

Once a week for 2 weeks: Estimated cost: $86.00

State Liquor Authority Liquor License Change of Status

Once a week for 2 weeks: Estimated cost: $96.00

Sidewalk Café Notice (NYC DCA)

 One time only: Estimated cost: $85.00

Name Change Notice

One time only: Estimated cost: $75.00

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