How to Easily Run a SLA Liquor License Notice in a Newspaper

Serving Liquor

A necessary step in applying for an SLA Liquor License, in order to gain permission for on-premises consumption of alcohol for your business, is to publish an SLA liquor license notice in a newspaper.

SLA Liquor License Notice
Sample of a SLA Liquor License Notice

What is a SLA Liquor License?

A State Liquor Authority Liquor License is a permit to sell alcoholic beverages to customers for consumption on-site at a for example a restaurant, hotel, venue or establishment.

Applicants for on premises consumption need to run a notice in a designated print newspaper once a week for two successive weeks in both a newspaper of both daily and weekly circulation where the establishment is located.

How much does it cost to run an SLA Liquor License Notice in a newspaper?

SLA Liquor License notices; 1 x a week for 2 weeks; total cost: $86.00
SLA Liquor License Change of Status: 1x a week for 2 weeks: $96.00

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