Trump’s Victory Rally in Georgia 2020

Trump ‘Victory Rally’ Georgia

During Trump’s Victory Rally in Valdosta, Georgia he talked about how ninety-five percent of the media, together with Big Tech, went from Fake News to Suppression News with a coordinated effort to bury the Hunter Biden laptop scandal in October.

The suppression news has continued to cover up the corruption and fraud behind the 2020 election. So much evidence has been ignored by the media that a lot of people have been duped into following along with the false narrative at a time when America is fighting a critical battle between good and evil.

Watch Trump’s victory rally, in full, unfiltered, and unedited. Share and encourage others to go straight to the source and bypass mainstream media outlets who won’t tell the truth about the election fraud.

Watch Trump’s Victory Rally

Do you think Trump should have more rallies to celebrate because he actually won the election?