Focus with The Most Dangerous Writing App


The Most Dangerous Writing App helps you move your writing forward. It pushes you to focus on the task at hand. The browser-based app cuts out all distractions that prevent you from getting into a state of flow.  

A bar runs across the top of the page that indicates how much time has elapses. If you stop writing for 5 the bar across the top turns red, and what you’ve written starts to fade away. If you don’t type something after 5 seconds what you’ve written will be gone.
The pressure helps you focus and gets you into a state of flow. When it comes time to write, I often mix in research and editing, switching back and forth between many applications. This bad habit creates a lot of distractions that prevent me from focused writing.
An app like this can help you see the benefit of breaking writing down into a process. After you’ve done your research and outline you may find The Most Dangerous Writing App a great place to pound out your first draft.
Remember to allow yourself to write badly at first. You should edit what you’ve written at a later time.
It’s nice to have simple program to help you break free from the endless distractions brought about by technology.

Dangerous Writing APP Hardcore Mode

Hardcore mode in The Most Dangerous Writing App blurs out what you’re typing. All you see is a large letter flash in the center of the screen each time you make a keystroke.
The hardcore mode helps turns your focus and into your mind and prevents you from correcting minor spelling errors. Your eyes disengage from the screen, which reduces their tendency to get in the way of influencing what you’re thinking about. This mode could take a while to get used to, but it will stop you form analyzing what you’ve written.
When writing, you speak inside your head and listening to that voice of communication. People who write a lot develop a stronger inner voice an the ability to listen to what they are writing. 
If you get distracted from email notifications, music playlists, and switching between many browser tabs then give this app a try. See if it helps you enter the state of flow by cutting out annoying distractions. Listen to your inner voice and develop a stronger strong focus for writing.
This article took 8 minutes of writing with The Most Dangerous Writing App, plus editing.
The most dangerous writing app failed screen

When to use the most dangerous writing app?

A good application for when to use the most dangerous writing app with Jordan Peterson’s Self-Authoring program. The full self-authoring suite, past and future authoring, requires a look of writing and thinking. So to help you push through some of the sections and questions you can copy and paste the section question from the self-authoring program into the most dangerous writing app. Do this whenever you get stuck or are having a hard time deciding what to write.